Remember that commercial that showed a couple of intensely scrambled eggs and in a matter-of-fact tone proclaimed that this was your brain on drugs?  That one always stuck with me.  No, I have never done drugs, and this is not a blog about recovery.  Although, I have sincere respect for those on their own road to recovery.  This is a blog about a girl who graduated with a bachelors degree in Nutrition Science and doesn’t always put knowledge into action.

I love food.  I love making food, especially baking food.  Guys, I got a degree in food and went on to teach high school kids about food.  Combine that love with a genetic predisposition to gain weight quickly and you have my struggle.  I am a terrible “dieter.”  Is that even a word?  I am drawn to 10-day cleanses and 30-day programs that I never stick to.  The darn packaging is just so pretty!  “Health” product marketing departments really know what they’re doing…  In truth, though, total health is more than just a 30-day program.  It is a lifestyle choice.  One that most Americans unfortunately struggle in making when faced with huge portions, fast food (I’m lookin’ at you Chipotle), and couches made to sit in front of televisions.  It is a choice that I struggle in making.

In thinking about that commercial, I started to wonder what my life on health would look like.  Her Life on Health will be all about my journey to make living a healthy life the norm.  My plan is that sharing my journey will keep me on track and hopefully help others in the process.  I intend to use this blog to share information about both physical and mental health as well as products that help me live a healthy and happy life.  I hope something I write will help you in some way.